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The Process of Home Health

STEP 1: Free Home Care Consultation

We will schedule a free in-home visit with you and your loved one. During this appointment we will provide you with information about our agency, and discuss your healthcare needs. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what type of needs you will need at this point, we will help you better determine the level of care you will need based on the information you provide. We will develop a plan care that meets your goals.


STEP 2: Caregiver Selection

Based on the information we gather during our visit, we will carefully select a caregiver who best matches the needs of your loved one. We will consider the level of care you will need, along with personality traits to determine the best possible fit.


STEP 3: First Day of Service

Again, our client’s level of comfort with our staff and services is of utmost importance. On the first scheduled day of service, our caregiver will be accompanied by an AHCS field supervisor. The field supervisor will provide oversight and direction, answer client or caregiver questions, and ensure compliance with your loved one’s plan of care. Depending on the circumstances and the client’s level of comfort, the field supervisor will stay a minimum of one hour and/or up to the full duration of the visit.


STEP 4: Follow-up, Oversight & Communication

We encourage our clients, and their family to communicate with us regularly about their care, and any changes they would like to have made to their care plan. Our caregivers also communicate with the office staff on a regular basis about the client’s progress. All caregivers are trained to immediately report any concerns or problems.


Our dedicated, experienced office staff is available by phone 24/7.


CONTACT US today for your free, no obligation, service consultation (330)-345-8111



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